Best Landscaping Company in Fenton, MO


Big Bend Landscaping in Fenton, Missouri is gratified to serve as your community’s number one landscaping company. Our dozens of 5-star reviews and our BBB A+ rating bring us a great deal of pride. But comments from our happy customers bring us the most pleasure:

Big Bend Landscaping and their team did such a fantastic job bringing our backyard goals into reality. The team did a really great job providing opinions and inputs for what would look best/what wouldn’t work with our grade. It’s our first home, so we appreciated all the help and professional opinion we could get. The project was completed in such a quick fashion as well. Joe was our sales manager; he was responsive and thorough with all our questions. Katie helped with our product selection and was super patient when we asked to view product tiers outside our budget in case we wanted to increase our budget. JL was our project manager, and he did an excellent job with the installation; our neighbors and family members can’t stop complimenting how beautiful our backyard looks!

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Big Bend Landscaping’s Promise to Our Fenton Customers

Your yard is an extension of your home. It is just as important as your living room or your kitchen. This is the philosophy we bring to the table when we meet with all our Fenton customers.

If you can envision it, we can make it happen. We want you to have an outdoor living area that will bring you happiness for as long as you live in your home. Big Bend Landscaping in Fenton guarantees all our work, regardless of the size of the job. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a small patio, a retaining wall, or a fire pit, you get our best work every time.

The Wow Fire pit and chairs

We love it when our customers see the finished work and say, “Wow!” In fact, we’re kind of addicted to hearing it. Our primary goal is to give you an outdoor living feature that makes you feel good about your home.

Your yard won’t just be that place you mow on the weekend. You’ll plan gatherings featuring your new outdoor kitchen, patio, and fire pit. You’ll want to include your outdoor living area in your  4th of July celebrations, Super Bowl parties, and holiday gatherings. And on Sunday mornings, you’ll watch the sunrise from the top of your seating wall while sipping the first cup of the day.

When we build raised beds for you with our beautiful wall pavers and lay in new paver walkways, you’ll get compliments from all your neighbors. And you’ll love watching visitors’ faces as they gaze at your home while walking up your sidewalk.

You Deserve the Best

Big Bend Landscaping firmly believes that the best craftsmanship will mean nothing if it’s not done with high quality materials. Cheaper materials won’t stand the test of time, and time really matters in our business. A cheaply built retaining wall or patio will have to be replaced far sooner than one that’s been done right. Some of our favorite pavers include Unilock, Pavestone, Romanstone, Rockwood, and Anchor. We prefer these  brands because they offer a wide variety of looks and—just like us—they stand behind their products. And because they offer so many choices, we can help our customers choose the pattern that most appeals to them.

Big Bend Landscaping in Fenton Listens to You

If you look around on our site, you’ll see pictures of all the outdoor living features we’ve built for customers in the St. Louis area. You’ll also notice that the only thing that these examples have in common is the quality of our work. This is because we view our individual customers as unique. So we listen to them and help them design an outdoor feature that is right for them. We do not decide for them; we give them the tools to help them bring their vision to life.

Recently, a previous customer contacted us and asked us to build them a paver patio. We visited with them at their home and listened as they explained what they wanted. This family loves the outdoors. They pictured a shady outdoor space that would blend with their beautiful backyard. They wanted a space where they could place a table and chairs for family dinners and gatherings. We learned they were very fond of a tree that stood near the space where they wanted their patio. Could Big Bend Landscaping incorporate it into their plans? Of course we could!

When we finished with the job, the family was delighted with their new outdoor living area and we were happy to have been a part of giving it to them. Fenton outdoor kitchen

When customers approach us about a job they want us to do, we know we are listening to someone’s vision for their home. So we ask a lot of questions, like—Do they enjoy entertaining large groups? Or are they all about small gatherings? When appropriate, we might suggest adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. And if they need a retaining wall, we love helping them see that it doesn’t have to be a boring necessity. A well-built retaining wall can be a wonderful addition to a home’s landscape.

To sum it up—we provide the labor and the knowledge, but we let them steer the dream.

Big Bend Does the Job Right the First time—Every time!

The staff and crews who work at Big Bend Landscaping in Fenton all have a single quality in common: we are all focused on perfection. And we believe that a well-built foundation and high-quality materials are essential. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fence, fire pit, seating wall, patio, or outdoor fireplace, we start with the best materials available and do the best work.

We do not cut corners. Not ever. “Close enough” is not enough in this business. And all the details are important, including preparing the space we’re working with. Whether we’re excavating a trench for a retaining wall or leveling sand for patio pavers, we’re measuring and checking at every stage. If the unseen isn’t right, the seen won’t look nice for very long. And we want it to look nice for a long, long time.St Louis water features Big Bend Landscapiong waterfalls foundtains ponds Ballwin Glendale

Big Bend’s crews are always on time and almost always early. We work a full day unless the weather gives us a reason to stop. And we keep a clean job site at all times. Our crews are mindful of the fact that we’re in someone’s home. And even when we’ve finished the project, the job isn’t complete until we’ve cleaned up the site and the homeowner has approved the work.

Curb Appeal and Your Home’s Future

You’ve heard the saying “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  “Curb Appeal” is the word real estate agents use when talking about impressions. And it’s very true.

When Big Bend Landscaping builds a paver walkway or raised bed in front of your home, we are mindful of first impressions. How your home looks to you isn’t the only thing we’re concerned about. We know you might want to sell it in the future, and we want to add to your home’s value.

We know the face of your home is what buyers and real estate agents see first. And when a prospective buyer walks through your home into your backyard, we want them to be as impressed as you were when you first saw it.

High Curb Appeal increases the value of your home. And it’s easy to attain this.  A new paver walkway with a couple of raised beds, carefully planted trees and plants, good outdoor lighting, and a well-tended lawn go a long way toward boosting your home’s first impression value.

You are Always the Boss

When you ask Big Bend Landscaping to help you picture how your yard will look after the work is done, we are happy to oblige. We provide CAD drawings based on your wishes. And we are aware that our drawings are just suggestions. We are not stating our plans; we’re helping you realize yours.

Our crews never make any unplanned changes to your yard without talking to you first. And if you want to introduce a workable change, we do our best to make it happen. In fact, we love involved clients!

Is Big Bend Landscaping the Right Landscaping Company for You?

All of the employees at Big Bend Landscaping in Fenton have a Level 1 certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means everyone’s made an extra effort to make sure we have a clear understanding of how to work with the pavers you’ve chosen.

Do you live in Fenton or the larger St. Louis area and want to know more about our work? Check out our website, the services we offer, and the products we use. You are welcome to give us a call or contact us online with questions. We’d love to help you turn your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!