How to Use your patio this winter: Five Winter Patio Ideas

 The good times are just beginning!
With just a little planning, you can continue to use your patio this winter.
Here are just a few winter patio ideas!


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Admit it. You’ve been looking wistfully out the window at your patio thinking about the good times you’ve had out there this year. The fun was just getting started and then cold weather came along and ruined it. And you’re wondering…

Should I move to Florida?

Let us answer that for you:

No. No, you should not.

By putting a few winter patio ideas into practice, your outdoor living space can be used year-round.  All you need to do is tweak your approach a little, add some ingredients to the mix, and you’ll be ready to head back outside and use your patio this winter.


Bring on the heat

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First things first. Step outside and look around at your patio as it is.

How sheltered is it right now? Are there surrounding trees or shrubs? A privacy fence? Do you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace surrounded by a seating wall or benches with backs?

What we’re looking for is ways to contain the heat you already have and ways you can add to it. There are a lot of ways to do this and this is by no means, not an exhaustive list.

Add a portable outdoor heater
Outdoor heaters have come a long way in the last few years. They are more attractive and safer than they used to be. It’s easy to find one that will blend in with your décor. Just remember to store it somewhere out of the weather when you’re finished.

Light up that fire pit or fireplace!
Fireplaces were made for weather like this! If you haven’t been using yours in the fall and winter, you’re missing out on one of the greatest reasons to have one. Just add comfortable seating and some music (live or otherwise) and you’ve got an instant hit with guests and family.

Add a pergola and hang curtains or screensBig Bend Landscaping use your outdoor living space
A pergola is a separate structure that forms a shaded walkway, passageway, or seating area. It consists of vertical posts or pillars that support a roof made up of cross-beams and sturdy open lattice work. These are useful year-round because you can attach curtains or screens to the sides to keep out bugs during the summer or contain heat during the winter.

If you have a fire pit, take care to make sure that the ceiling is high enough that there’s no danger of sparks ruining your party. And if you add curtains or screens, be sure that the entire space isn’t enclosed. Tips here.

Cook in your outdoor kitchen or fire up your grill!

One of the best winter patio ideas–Build a fire in your grill and cook! Cooking outdoors during colder months requires some finessing, but not only can it be done, with some planning it can be wonderfully rewarding. Check out more ideas here.

think comfort!

Big Bend Landscaping Comfort Foods

If you want to use your patio this winter, then you need to think comfort. In order for this to be enjoyable, guests shouldn’t have to work to stay warm. You want nostalgia. Not freezing noses.

Big Bend Landscaping Fire pitFor food and drink think:  chili, stews, soup, roasted potatoes and meat, hot drinks, and homemade bread. If you have an outdoor kitchen, fire up the grill and try out a few of these dishes. If not, plan and cook ahead; set out insulated pots and pans with ladles, bowls, and silverware, so you won’t spoil the atmosphere with guests going in and out of the house.

That beautiful, cool seating wall you enjoyed sitting on during the summer isn’t as welcoming when it’s forty degrees outside. Add some weatherproof seat cushions and throw pillows for comfort and you’ll transform it into the coziest place to be.

Leave a small pile of folded blankets in an easily accessed place to invite guests to cuddle up by your heat source and enjoy quiet conversation. Don’t have a seating wall? Pull out that lawn furniture you’ve stored and cozy it up too!

Outdoor Lighting and your patio this winter

Big Bend Landscaping outdoor lighting and water feature

Attractive Outdoor lighting is vital to extending the use of your patio year-round, but is especially true during the winter when it gets dark early. It creates a sense of warmth and security. If you don’t already have permanent outdoor lighting in your backyard, this is a good time to consider adding it. In addition to permanent lighting, here are some wonderful lighting ideas for creating an inviting atmosphere:

String lighting
String lighting is extremely popular and easy to hang. And there is an endless list of choices. Like a rustic look, but not eager to deal with lanterns and oil? You can find many retro-looking strings of lights that will create a vintage atmosphere.Big Bend Landscaping lights

Lighting in a Jar
Okay, not really lightning. But  you can add canning jars or wine bottles and battery-powered fairy lights to create a beautiful, intimate atmosphere. They can be placed on tables or hung from trees using twine or thin wire. Some fairy lights even flicker like candles.  

Hurricane Lamps or Lanterns
These look great on tables, especially when combined with other rustic elements.

Outdoor Floor Lamps
Outdoor floor lamps are a versatile option for lighting that provides plenty of light without being so bright that they erase the intimacy of your outdoor night time gathering

Back to that outdoor lighting…
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If you don’t have permanent outdoor lighting, put that on the list of things you want to talk to Big Bend Landscaping about. Outdoor lighting highlights your favorite features, prevents accidents and spills, lowers insurance rates, and makes your yard less of a target for potential intruders.







One of the Best Winter Patio Ideas: Outdoor Rugs

Big Bend Landscaping outdoor rug

Outdoor rugs are a handy way to extend the use of your patio during the winter. They don’t just create a sense of comfort and warmth—they actually insulate your feet.

There is an enormous selection of well-made outdoor rugs on the market. Whatever your tastes run to—whether it’s rustic or modern, you’ll find the rug (or rugs) that meets your needs.

Take care not to place them near your fire pit or outdoor fireplace. If your patio is large enough, this would be a great time to create a separate conversation area (or areas).


Big Bend Landscaping Fire Pit Games

Winter time gatherings should be cozy, but not boring. When you’re putting together your list of winter patio ideas, don’t forget fireside games. With everyone bundled up and sitting close to one another, board games can be fun too! You can play games that spark conversations, like Apples to Apples (pull cards that aren’t family-friendly if kids are present). And don’t forget about simple storytelling games. Big Bend Landscaping Fire Pit


If you’ve been thinking about adding a fire pit or fireplace (or any other outdoor living features you see mentioned here) to use your patio during the winter, this is a good time to contact Big Bend Landscaping so we can get you on our schedule this coming spring.



Changed Your Mind About Moving to Florida?

Excellent! As you can see, by applying just a few winter patio ideas, there are lots of ways you can use your patio this winter no matter where you live! Just give Big Bend Landscaping a call let us show you how!

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Big Bend Landscaping knows how to help you make the most of your outdoor living space. When you’re ready to make a change, check out our website for more details and contact us for more information!

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