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Big Bend Landscaping in St. Charles County, Missouri is pleased to serve as your premium landscaping company. With 68 five-star reviews, and A+ rating with BBB, our reputation for going above and beyond to give our customers the best service possible makes us proud. But all of that pales compared to the things our satisfied customers say about us:

The end result of their work far surpassed our expectations. They were always respectful of our property and the property of our neighbors. We will be contacting Big Bend for any future projects and have already recommended to friends, family and neighbors.

-Shawn M

Thanks Shawn!

We’re not too humble to say it aloud: when you hire us, you get the best landscaping services in St. Charles County. Below are just a few of the things we do that set us apart from our competitors.

Our Promise to Our St. Charles County Customers

We know that when you hire us to create anything for you, whether it’s a remedial retaining wall or an outdoor kitchen, you’re banking on us being true to our reputation. We take your trust seriously.

Your yard is an extension of your home. We bring this belief to the table when we reach out to you to discuss your vision. Our team will come to your home to look at what you have, listen to what you are envisioning, and do our dead-level best to give you the outdoor living features you’re dreaming of.

Our goal is to create an outdoor living space our clients will enjoy for the entire time they’re in their home and for it to be a credit to the home when it goes up for sale. Whether it’s a fire pit, retaining wall, or outdoor living space, our goal is to walk away from the completed job, having done our best work every single time.

WOW (Wonderful Original Work)

There’s a reason we’re known as the best landscaping services in St. Charles County. Because we’re about far more than just our bottom line. We have high standards for the work we do and for ourselves as well.

More than that, we believe in the WOW effect.

We do Wonderful Original Work

First of all, Big Bend Landscaping doesn’t do generic. Your outdoor living feature won’t look like your neighbors’ unless you want it to. If you look through our portfolio, you’ll see that none of the jobs we do look alike. That’s because we don’t just crank out patios like they’re factory pieces. We take the time to talk to the homeowner about what they picture and give it to them.Big-Bend-Landscaping-11-15-23-IMG_2432

And we live for our client’s “Wow!”

When you’re happy, we’re happy. When you’re excited, we’re thrilled. Sometimes our jobs are as simple as installing retaining walls to help with a drainage problem or to protect a home from potential damage. Other times, we install large outdoor living spaces. Both jobs are equally important.

When we pack up and go home, we know we’ve solved your problem and given you a yard you can be proud of.


Nothing But the Best

Craftsmanship begins with high-quality materials and careful attention to the details. We don’t compromise here. Cheap materials won’t last as long and rarely come with guarantees. And if we skimp now, we have to come back and fix it later. That’s costly for you and for us because we guarantee our work.

 So we only choose the best materials and refuse to settle for less. Our list of preferred pavers includes Unilock, Pavestone, Romanstone, Rockwood, and Anchor. These companies all offer lifetime guarantees and stand behind their work just like we do. They also offer a wide variety of pavers of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether the homeowner wants a rustic look, a custom pattern, or a modern appearance, these companies will have the pavers that will fulfill their wishes.

We Are Good Listeners

If you haven’t already dropped by, check out our gallery and take note of the sheer variety of jobs we’ve done. We want your outdoor living features to reflect your tastes and wishes. And since no two people are alike, neither are the outdoor living features we design for you.

Recently, a homeowner in search of hardscaping and landscaping services in St. Charles County contacted us and asked us to build them an outdoor living space large enough to accommodate the large wedding party as well as let them entertain their friends and family the rest of the year. These clients wanted a large fire pit, seating walls, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, and a pavilion. They also expressed concern about some drainage issues near their beautiful home and wanted to resolve them

We love big jobs like this and were happy to help. We presented them with CAD drawings and after some discussion, they happily gave us the go-ahead.

Besides creating a spacious outdoor living space, a winding walkway, a fire pit big enough to accommodate large gatherings, and building a pavilion, we created a dry creek bed that ran alongside the walkway and emptied well-away from the house.

The homeowners were thrilled with their new outdoor living area and we’re sure the wedding party was too!

A job Worth Doing is Worth Doing Right

The team at Big Bend Landscaping is hyper-focused on giving our clients the best we have to give. We do the job right the first time; every time, because we don’t want you to just be satisfied; we want you to be thrilled.

We begin with your plans, asking you questions, and presenting you with a CAD drawing that will show you how your yard will look after we’re finished. Once you’re satisfied (and excited) we turn our attention to the materials and then the job itself.

The best work begins with a well-built foundation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a retaining wall or an entire outdoor living space. All excavation, no matter how minor, all leveling, all drainage plates, and landscaping fabric are handled as though they are the most important part of the job. A wall or patio that’s built without proper preparation will develop cracks over time. And if drainage plates aren’t placed exactly right, they may not drain properly.

You can count on our crews to be on time, if not early. We work full-days, sometimes long ones, unless the weather gives us a reason to stop. And we are known for keeping a clean job site. Big Bend Landscaping never forgets that we are in someone else’s home and neighborhood. And we don’t call the job done until the homeowner has approved our work and we’ve cleaned up the site.

Curb Appeal: Why it matters

The curb appeal of your home is the initial impression it gives when someone sees it from the curb or your driveway. It’s very much akin to how people see us when they first meet us. But in your home’s case, it is far more important.

As the premium landscaping company in St. Charles County, we understand that our work can impact the resale value of our clients’ homes. That’s why it’s important for it to not only look good at first glance but also maintain its appeal.

We believe that your home should have a unique charm while still blending in with the neighborhood and showcasing high-quality workmanship. When potential buyers, appraisers, and real estate agents approach your home, we want them to be amazed by what they see. Achieving this is easy when you have a professionally designed paver walkway, complemented by raised beds, expert landscaping, well-placed outdoor lighting, and a meticulously maintained lawn. These elements work together to enhance the overall first impression value of your home.


The Real Boss is You

When you hire us, the first thing we want to be clear about: you are in charge. And it’s our job to transform your ideas into reality.

When we present you with CAD drawings, it’s ensuring that we understand your desires clearly. Please note that these drawings are merely suggestions. Our intention is not to impose our plans on you, but rather to assist you in achieving your own vision.

While it’s rare, occasionally we will run up against an unanticipated problem. Rest assured; we always consult with you before making any alterations to your plans.

Moreover, if you propose a feasible modification, we will go above and beyond to make it a reality. We love it when a client is so invested in the project that they produce more ideas.

Is Big Bend Landscaping the Right Landscaping Company for You?

All the employees with Big Bend Landscaping in St. Charles County have a Level 1 certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means everyone’s made an extra effort to make sure we have a clear understanding of how to work with the pavers you’ve chosen.

Are you looking for landscaping services in St. Charles County? Check out our website, the services we offer, and the products we use. You are welcome to call or email us with questions. We’d love to help you turn your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!