Best Landscaping Company in Wildwood, MO


Big Bend Landscaping in Wildwood, Missouri is delighted to serve as your community’s #1landscaping company. Our 68 five star google reviews and an A+ BBB rating bring us a great deal of satisfaction. But compliments like this are what we live for:

You will not find a team more prompt, clean, pleasant, accommodating, and informative. The communication and updates during the entire process was second to none. They were always here when they said they’d be. They were timely and efficient. And the work…. It was over and above our expectations. This is a very meticulous group. — Michelle L.

Thanks Michelle!

We believe in delivering our best work every time! Check out the reasons we are considered the best landscaping company in Wildwood.

Big Bend Landscaping’s Promise to Wildwood Customers

Big Bend Landscaping firmly believes that your yard is a room without walls, and extension of your home. We bring this belief and our high standards to every Wildwood customer.

When we meet you for the first time, we will ask you about your vision for your outdoor living space and yard. And we do our dead-level best to deliver exactly what you’re picturing. We want you to have an outdoor living space you will enjoy for as long as you are in your current home. And we guarantee everything we do, whether it’s as simple as putting in a fire pit, or as complicated as constructing an outdoor kitchen combined with an outdoor living space. So we do our best work, without fail, every time.

Your Wow is Why We Do This

As the best landscaping company in Wildwood, our bread in butter isn’t just in getting paid for the work we do. It’s your “Wow!” This is part of what makes us the best.

When we pack up and go home after a job, we know that we’ve just changed how our clients see their home and yard. It’s no longer a millstone with the drainage problem, no longer the place with that ancient patio to mow around every weekend. We’ve given you an outdoor living space, seating wall, retaining wall, and/or fire pit you’ll enjoy for every weekend. Your home has a new space ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

You’ll love it when visitors and neighbors see the completed raised beds and they walk up your new walkway to your front door and you’ll know they see you as a person with high standards and a beautiful home. You already earned that; we just helped them see it too.

The Highest Quality Materials Every Time

Big Bend Landscaping believes that the best craftsmanship begins with the highest quality materials, no matter the price. Cheap materials won’t last as long and rarely come with lifetime guarantees. All it means is we’ll have to come back and fix our work sooner. And since we guarantee our work, this can be costly to us too.

So we choose the best materials on the market and refuse to compromise and settle for less. Our list of preferred pavers includes Unilock, Pavestone, Romanstone, Rockwood, and Anchor. We choose these pavers because they all come with lifetime guarantees and the companies have a reputation for standing behind their word, just like we do! These companies also offer a wide variety of pavers and make it easy for the homeowner to team up with us and choose patterns that meet with their vision.

Big Bend Landscaping Listens!

If you haven’t already, you should check out our gallery and see all the work we’ve done. When you do, you’ll notice that no two jobs look the same. This is because we pay close attention to our customers’ wishes. We don’t do generic—ever.

Big Bend Landscaping in Wildwood is focused on creating a look that is completely unique to each homeowner.

Not long ago, a client came looking for a landscaping company in Wildwood that would provide them with a shady outdoor living space that would blend well with the backyard they already had. They wanted a place where their family could gather with friends for BBQs and outdoor meals. We learned that they were fond of the trees that surrounded their home, so we did our best to protect them during the job. And also provided the homeowner with eco-friendly or “green” pavers that would allow the rain water to reach the soil around the trees.

The family loved the finished effect and now they enjoy their outdoor living space while sitting in the shade of their favorite trees.

Big Bend Landscaping: Outdoor Living space with patio, pavers, blocks, decorate rock, and edgingDoing it Right the First Time; Every Time

The staff and crews at Big Bend landscaping are all focused on the same goal: doing the job right, every time without fail.

And for us to call it “right” you not only have to be happy, you have to be blown away as well.

We begin with your plans, asking you questions, and presenting you with a CAD drawing that will show you how your yard will look after we’re finished. Once you’re satisfied (and excited) we turn our attention to the materials.

Our team knows that a well-built foundation with high-quality materials is essential. It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a retaining wall, patio, outdoor fireplace, or outdoor kitchen.  We do not cut corners, do not “eye it” or guess. The details make up the finished product. And that begins with preparing the space we’re working in-whether it’s excavating or leveling a trench for a retaining wall. It unseen affects the seen. And if we don’t get it right, it won’t look nice for a long time.

Our crews are on time, if not early. We work full days unless the weather gives us a reason to stop. And we keep a clean job site. We never forget that we are in someone’s home. And when we don’t pronounce the job is complete until we’ve cleaned up the site and the homeowner has approved our work.

Curb Appeal: An Investment in the Future

Curb appeal is the first impression your home makes when someone sees it from the curb or your driveway.

As any landscaping company in Wildwood knows, our work can affect the resale value of our clients’ homes, so we know that it can’t just look good at a glance or just before we pack up and go home. It has to look good over time. And while you don’t want your home to look like anyone else’s, it shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb because the of the quality of the workmanship either.

Buyers, appraisers, and real estate agents see the front of your home first, so you want them to be blown away by what they see. And it’s not hard to attain that with a professional paver walkway with a couple of raised beds, professional landscaping, good outdoor lighting, and a well-tended lawn go a long way toward boosting your home’s first impression value.

The Real Boss is You

When you ask us to help you, we will tell you that YOU are the boss. We are there to bring your vision to life. If you ask for suggestions, we will provide you with CAD drawings to see if we’re clear about what you want. And those drawings are suggestions. We are not stating our plants—we’re helping you realize yours.

We never make changes without talking to you first. And if you want to introduce a workable change, we do our best to make it happen. We’re thrilled when our clients are invested in the work we’re doing for them.

Is Big Bend Landscaping the Right Landscaping Company for You?

All the employees with Big Bend Landscaping in Wildwood have a Level 1 certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means everyone’s made an extra effort to make sure we have a clear understanding of how to work with the pavers you’ve chosen.

Do you live in Fenton or the larger St. Louis area and want to know more about our work? Check out our website, the services we offer, and the products we use. You are welcome to call or email us with questions. We’d love to help you turn your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!