Why You Need an Outdoor Kitchen

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Building outdoor living spaces is Big Bend Landscaping’s business. So it goes without saying that we’re pretty big fans of the whole idea of rooms without walls. And we’re especially fond of outdoor kitchens. Adding one to your home offers a number of benefits. Let’s take a look at just ten of them.

Cooking Outdoors Lowers Energy Bills

Keeping a home cool during the dog days of summer can be expensive as it is. But when you have to turn on your oven to cook dinner, the temperature in the house climbs several degrees, which makes your air conditioner work even harder. And if it’s already having trouble keeping up, your home is going to be uncomfortable too.

In contrast, outdoor cooking moves all that heat outside, both driving down the cost of that utility bill and keeping the inside of your home a pleasant temperature.

Keep Cooking Smells Outside

Some cooking smells make us smile, bringing back good memories of our childhood. Apple pie, pot roast, homemade bread—all conjure up images of our family gathered together around a table enjoying a home cooked meal.

But some cooking smells? They take on a life of their own and can sometimes hang around for hours, if not days – long after the food has been consumed. For instance, the smell of broiled or fried fish has a way of lingering in the air that is anything but nostalgic.

But you can easily prepare those same items and many others on your outdoor stove, while the inside of your home remains free of fishy odors.

Great for Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are a great place to entertain guests—especially if you enjoy large gatherings. Everyone can spread out, wandering from group to group to visit and talk without getting in anyone’s way. The cook isn’t closeted off in the kitchen by themselves trying to prepare a meal for visitors they don’t have time to talk to. By the same token, you don’t wind up with an over-crowded kitchen because everyone wants to hover around the stove talking to the cook either.

Adding a variety of places to sit, such as cushioned lawn furniture and a seating wall helps guests settle. And you can add to the atmosphere by hanging strings of LED lights, playing music, and adding small patio heaters if it gets chilly. If you have a fire pit, you can light it up, which invites guests to enjoy cozy chats around the fire.

This has the added benefit of making after-gathering cleanup fast and easy.

More Living Space

If you combine your outdoor kitchen with an outdoor lounge, you can substantially increase your living space. It makes having large parties easy and creates a relaxing atmosphere, regardless of the numbers.

And if you add a retractable awning or roof, you can use it when it rains.

Makes Eating Healthy Easier

Grilling not only makes food taste better, it’s better for you too! When you cook foods that are high in fats such as hamburgers, much of the fat drips off the food. This means you get fewer calories from fat, which is always a good idea. And because you’re cooking on a high heat, the food holds onto its moisture.

 Don’t eat meat? No problem! There are many vegetables that taste great cooked on the grill – such as corn, potatoes, peppers, and onions, just to name a few. You can even stir fry over a fire or grill a pizza!

Good for Your Mental Health

We all know sunlight and fresh air are good for us. And studies have proven that doing something for others boosts our morale even more. Having an outdoor kitchen where you can cook for family and friends gives you the best of both worlds – lifting your spirits and boosting your intake of vitamin D and fresh air all at the same time.

Save Money on Takeout and Restaurants

We like takeout and eating in restaurants for many of the same reasons—it’s easy, there’s little or no clean up, and it’s usually a change in the routine. But it’s a high price to pay for a break in the routine.

Having your own attractive outdoor space and a kitchen that you love can make you feel like you’re going out to eat. Cooking on the grill is fast, easy, and involves very little clean up. There are lots of recipes that show you how to grill a wide variety of foods with little effort.

And when you sit down to enjoy your meal in your own outdoor space it will feel special. Much like going to a restaurant does. And eating at home will keep more of your money in your bank account.

Gets the Family Outside

We all get into ruts – adults and children alike. We come in from work or school and plop down in front of the TV or play on our phones while someone (usually a parent) prepares the food and sets it out. Then we all sit at the table—often still playing on our phones and wander off alone to other ends of the house. For too many of us “outside” is just the space between whatever transportation we use and the front doors of the places we go.

And for those who work outdoors or participate in sports or take children to those sports and wait for them, being outdoors is a chore, a place where we sit and wait or – if we’re the athlete – the place where we follow orders and try to beat someone at some sport.

When that’s the only exposure we get to the outdoors, many of the benefits get lost on their way to our brains.

Having an outdoor living space with a kitchen can restore many of those benefits. It’s a place where we enjoy the company of the people we love the most, enjoy nature, and eat healthy foods. The benefits—lowered stress and mental fatigue—are realized when we just put life on hold and sit with our loved ones in our outdoor room, inhaling fresh air, laughing and talking.

Have a Second Kitchen

When you have an indoor and outdoor kitchen, you have the best of both worlds. And occasionally it can be especially handy. How many times have you wished you had two ovens or stoves? Or two fridges? Especially during the holidays or family reunions? How handy would it be to hand another family member a recipe and the ingredients and point them to one stove or the other and tell them “You make this dish and I’ll make that one.”?

A full-service outdoor kitchen that includes a refrigerator and ice maker can simplify life when you’re planning to entertain a large pack of relatives.

Add Value to Your Home

A full-service outdoor kitchen is an investment. It’s considered a substantial home improvement and often boosts the value of a home by several thousand dollars. Especially if the outdoor appliances are stainless steel. Stainless steel outdoor appliances aren’t just pleasing to the eye; they stand up to weather and seasonal changes well. They are easy to clean and catch the buyer’s eye when they check out your home.

Are You Ready for an Outdoor Kitchen?

Big Bend Landscaping has been building outdoor kitchens in the St. Louis area for more than twenty-five years. We build fire pits, patios, seating walls, outdoor fireplaces, fences, and install outdoor appliances. We have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association and are experts in our field.

Big Bend Landscaping knows how to make the most of your outdoor spaces, regardless of size. Chances are good, that if you can picture it, we can build it!

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