Best Landscaping Company in Chesterfield, MO


Big Bend Landscaping in Chesterfield, Missouri is privileged to serve as the community’s number one landscaping company. We have 5-star reviews dating back ten years on Google. And the Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating. But comments from satisfied customers mean the most:

Joe and his crew did an outstanding job on our project. They were friendly, courteous, and not only did everything they said they would do, but continued to help us with any questions we might have. Their insight, knowledge, and professionalism were invaluable. The customer service from the whole company was far above what you get from most companies today. Thank you for all your help.

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Big Bend Landscaping’s Promise to You

We believe your yard is an important part of your home, just like your kitchen or your living room. This is the attitude we bring to the table the first time we meet our Chesterfield customers.

If you can picture it, we can make it happen. Our goal is to give you an outdoor living area that will bring you happiness for years to come. And we guarantee all our work. Whether it’s a firepit, patio, or outdoor kitchen, we promise you will get our best work because that’s the only kind of work we do.

We Want Your “Wow!”

Our goal is to create an outdoor living feature you will want to include in all your major plans. Your yard won’t just be that square of green you mow every Saturday. You’ll plan gatherings featuring your new outdoor kitchen, your firepit, or your patio. Like cookouts with your neighbors. Or fall parties, surrounded by autumn leaves with everyone gathered around your firepit. And Sunday mornings perched on your seating wall, watching the sunrise while you sip coffee—will become your favorite part of the week.

Big Bend Landscaping Uses the Best to Build the Best

Big Bend knows good craftsmanship has to be accompanied by high quality materials. When possible, we use earth-friendly pavers such as Romanstone, Unilock, and Pavestone. We love these products because they offer high quality materials with a wide variety of looks. So we can help customers choose their own patterns or one recommended by the manufacturer.

Big Bend Landscaping Pays Attention

If you look around our site, you’ll see many pictures of the outdoor living areas and features we’ve created for customers. And you can also see that the only thing those pictures have in common is the high quality of the work. That’s because every customer is different and we listen closely to what they want. We do not decide for them. This is one reason you’ll see so many positive reviews of our work.

Recently, a homeowner came to us asking for an outdoor living space that would meet the needs of his family. He hoped we’d be able to finish it in time for an upcoming wedding. This client pictured comfortable entertainment areas that allowed people to move around, enjoying the unique features of his yard. He wanted the patio area nearest the house to be covered so his family and guests could enjoy his yard in all kinds of weather. And he wanted a firepit half-surrounded by a seating wall.

He also had drainage issues that needed to be solved before we could make any other changes. Were we up to the task? Yes, we were.

We suggested a swale and a “dry creek bed” to resolve the drainage issues. The customer embraced the idea, and we incorporated it into our plans. They chose Unilock pavers for their patio and fire pit. We worked with them to help design the covered area that would meet their needs—providing them with CAD drawings to help them picture the finished project. And we got their okay on every single aspect of the project before we laid a single paver. In the end, the customer was extremely satisfied with the entire project.

When customers make an appointment with us to talk about their plans, we know we are also hearing about someone’s ideal dream. We ask a lot of questions—Do they enjoy entertaining on a large or small scale? Have they ever considered a firepit or outdoor fireplace? And when they need a retaining wall, we help them see it doesn’t just have to be a boring necessity. It can be a beautiful addition to their yard.

In summary, we provide the strong backs and the knowledge, but we let them provide the vision.

Big Bend Does the Job Right the First time—Every time!

Everyone who works at Big Bend Landscaping has one quality in common: we are all perfectionists. And we believe that a solid foundation and quality materials are essential in all hardscaping jobs. Whether it’s a patio, an outdoor fireplace, a firepit, or a seating wall, we start with the best and do the best work.

Big Bend Landscaping does not cut corners. “Close enough” is not enough. We know that preparation is exacting work—from leveling the field in preparation for pavers to how we measure every inch of the structure. If the unseen isn’t right, the seen won’t look nice for very long.

Our crews are always on time, and usually early. We all work a full-day unless the weather or homeowner gives us a reason to stop. Everyone keeps a clean job-site and we never leave a mess. The job isn’t finished until we’ve cleaned up every bit of the construction debris.

These are just a few of the reasons Big Bend Landscaping is Chesterfield’s premium landscaping company.

Curb Appeal is an Investment in Your Home’s Future

In real estate, first impressions matter! When we build a walkway or a raised bed in the front of your home, we know prospective buyers and real estate agents will see that first. And if a potential buyer walks through your home and into your backyard, we want them to be as impressed as you were when you first saw it.

You are The Boss

When we produce CAD Drawings of how your yard could look with the changes, we are making suggestions, not stating our plans. And we make recommendations for materials, but we don’t make decisions for you. Our crews don’t make any changes to your yard without talking to you first. And if you introduce a workable change, we’ll do our best to fit it in! In fact, we love involved clients!

Is Big Bend Landscaping the Right Landscaping Company for You?

All of our employees have a Level 1 certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association.  This means we’ve gone the extra mile to bring you the highest quality work with the highest quality materials.

Do you live in Chesterfield or the larger St. Louis area and interested in what we do? Check out our website, the services we offer, and the products we use. You are welcome to give us a call or email us with questions. We’d love to help you turn your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!