Best Landscaping Company in Glendale, MO


Big Bend Landscaping in Glendale, Missouri is proud to serve as your community’s leading landscaping company. We have 5-star reviews on Google Reviews and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. But none of that means as much as the opinions of our local customers. Here’s what one of them said:

We are extremely satisfied with the work that was done and are already thinking about our next project. We have had many compliments on the project and already have had people come by to look at it that are considering Big Bend Landscaping for themselves.

Comments like this drive us to keep our standards high. How do we manage? Look!

Our Promise to You

Big Bend Landscaping St. Louis patio around tree Glendale Kirkwood St. LouisYour yard is an extension of your home; your other living room—only without walls. We bring this insight with us when we make our first appointment with our Glendale customers to talk about what they want. Our goal is to bring your yard to life. And we do our best to create an outdoor living area you will enjoy for as long as you live in your home. Big Bend Landscaping guarantees all our work, regardless of the scale of the job. Whether it’s a seating wall, pathway, retaining wall, or outdoor kitchen, we give you our best every time.

We Want the Wow Effect

When we’ve finished your outdoor living area, you will never see it as just the place where you push the lawnmower around once a week. You’ll plan your family parties around your fire pit, look forward to spending more time with friends and family on the patio. You might even get asked by friends or your children if they can have their weddings or birthday parties under the shade of your trees, surrounded by the paths we’ve created for you. And sometimes, you’ll take your morning coffee outside and watch the sunrise while resting on your seating wall.

Big Bend Landscaping Uses Only Quality Products

We build hardscaped paths, outdoor kitchens, patios, retaining walls, fences, and a lot more. With us, you get the best products we can find. We prefer green, earth-friendly pavers, such as Romanstone, Unilock, and Pavestone. These products come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can design your own patterns. Or if you prefer, you can use one recommended by the manufacturer. You can even ask us to create one for you.

We are Good Listeners

If you peruse the pages on our site, you will see examples of the patios, kitchens, and pathways we’ve built. And there’s a story with every one of them.

Recently, a customer came to us with a smaller-than-average backyard, an old deck they wanted replaced, and several tricky issues to overcome. The overgrown yard sloped toward the home, making it hard to enjoy their green space. They wanted a small outdoor area where they could entertain guests and enjoy quiet evenings at home. We love a challenge, so we said yes! We also enjoy customers who get involved in the process and make suggestions along the way. And these folks were excited to help us give them exactly what they wanted.

They chose a BP Bella Estate paver in the Bristol Beige color for the surface of their patio and pathway. And for their seating wall, they asked for Timberwood colored, Versa Lock Non-Tumbled bricks. This was a great combination! We smoothed out the slope, added steps and capped lighting, and gave them the backyard of their dreams. As you can see in the pictures, it turned out beautifully.

When a customer comes to us, we ask them how they imagine using the area we are going to create for them. Do they prefer small family cookouts? Do they have large gatherings? Can they picture themselves in a large outdoor kitchen? Or maybe they garden and want green space with well-lit paths. When they want to make better use of a part of their yard that has a sharp slope, we talk to them about retaining walls. Then we show them how retaining walls can be both useful and attractive.

Whatever their answers, we listen, ask questions, and give them what they ask for. We keep our eye on the goal—a happy customer and a beautiful result.

Doing the Job Right the First Time—Every time!

We are perfectionists. And we’re careful. We stay within our customer’s budget. Our crews make plans and take special care with each aspect of the job. We are like this because we believe beauty lies in the details. And we do high-quality work because our customers’ happiness matters to us. And the only reason we want to come back out to a customer’s home is because they are so happy with our work, they want us to do more for them.

Whether we’re building you a patio or a retaining wall, we know that the most important part of what we do is unseen. It begins with the foundation. We excavate, level, apply crushed rock, and press that into place before we ever place the first paver. When required, we add drainage plates so any run-off drains away from your home and outdoor living area. Special edging helps hold the borders in place. If invisible isn’t solid, the visible won’t look nice for very long.

Our crews show up when we say they will. They put in a full-day’s work unless there’s a solid reason to stop—like weather or supplies on order. Our people keep a clean worksite and they never, ever leave a mess when they’re finished. And these are just some of the reasons we are one of Glendale’s best landscaping companies.

Why We Strive for Curb Appeal

We know first impressions are everything. We don’t just build an attractive walkway because we want you to love how it looks; we are adding to your home’s value too. If you ever decide to move or want to refinance your home, our work can add or detract from its potential.

That means, when we create raised flower beds, construct a fence, or build a pathway leading from your front door to the street, we make sure form is equal to function. We want your appraiser to look at your Glendale home and ask who did your hardscaping so you can proudly tell them “Big Bend Landscaping did it!” And we want them to be so impressed that they recommend us to other customers.

We Work for You

We offer advice and show you 3-D pictures of how your yard might look. And we recommend materials that might appeal to you. But we don’t decide for you! Nor do we ever make changes without your input. And if you ask for a workable change in the middle of the job, we do our best to give it to you. It’s your home and we want you to love it—so we welcome requests and questions.

Are We the Right Landscaping Company for You?

All of our employees have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means everyone’s made an extra effort to make sure we have a clear understanding of how to work with the pavers you’ve chosen.

Do you live in Glendale or the larger St. Louis area and want to know more about our work? Check out our website, the services we offer, and the products we use. You are welcome to call or email us with questions. We’d love to help you turn your yard into the outdoor living space of your dreams!