Change Your Life: Ten Beautiful Retaining Wall Ideas

Big Bend Landscaping presents: a brief list of beautiful retaining wall ideas for your enjoyment. There are many more where these came from. We just couldn’t fit them all into one blog.


Big Bend Landscaping stairs and retaining wall
Big Bend Landscaping retaining wall and water feature
Big Bend Landscaping steps firepit wall
If you’re trying to decide whether a retaining wall will solve a problem you’re having,  be sure and check out our learning library for more information. And if you live in the St. Louis area, give Big Bend Landscaping a call and let us help you decide.

There’s nothing mundane or boring about retaining walls. This landscaping feature comes in all shapes and sizes and can be built out of a variety of hardscaping materials.  And when you combine it with a carefully planned drainage system, you’ve added value to your home as well. All you have to do is choose look you want.

Let’s talk about retaining wall ideas and possibilities.

Big Bend Landscaping patio and retaining wall

Expand patio space with a retaining wall

If you’re ready to expand your outdoor living space, but workable flat space is limited, a retaining wall may be the answer. If it’s sloping away from your patio, a retaining wall can level out the space so that you can build onto it. If it’s sloping toward your home, it can push the soil back and hold it in place, providing you a broader area to build on.

And when needed, you can add a drainage system such as an attractive dry creek bed which will insure that your outdoor living space.

 combine with flower beds

Retaining walls can be combined to create a tiered series of flower beds on a slope, giving your yard a unique character and beauty, while also increasing your usable gardening space. Combining a variety of colorful plants that bloom at different times during the season and mixing in evergreen plants means that your gardens will always draw the eye of visitors and family.

big Bend Landscaping retaining wall with steps

Integrate steps

When the purpose of your retaining wall is to contain the soil behind a slope, placing a set of steps between retaining walls is a useful and attractive way to draw attention to the rest of your yard. If you need a retaining wall in the front yard, combine it with a shady paver walkway that leads to your front door, and you’ve created an unspoken invitation to visitors. If you use it in the back, it can provide easy access to the rest of your yard.

Big Bend Landscaping Belgard retaining wall seating and fire pit

Add Seating

Anytime a low-profile retaining wall is placed near a patio, you’ve created a perfect solution to  extra seating problems. But with the addition of a built-in bench, some weatherproof cushions, potted plants, and outdoor decorations, you’ve created a cozy seating wall and have added another enjoy your outdoor living space.

Big Bend Landscaping seating and fire pit

Just Add Fire—

—A fire PIT, that is. We’ve already mentioned how easy it is to turn a retaining wall into a seating wall. But if you go one step further and add a fire pit, you’ve given yourself the gift of more time with friends and family in a relaxing setting. People love to gather around a fire and talk by the flicker of flames. After just a few visits, your paver fire pit will quickly become a central part of your outdoor living space.

Big Bend Landscaping lighting and fire pit

And there was Light

There’s nothing like stepping out on your patio after dark to take in the gentle glow of the lights brightening the landscape of your home and yard. When added to walls, patios, and walkways, LED cap lighting is an attractive way to increase security and safety and extend your use of your outdoor living space.

Retaining Wall Ideas that Individualize Your Landscape: Mixed Mediums

Paver Retaining walls can easily be assimilated into any landscaping plan. Do you prefer a rustic look? Add walkways or stairs made of large, flat rocks.

Want a more modern look? A clean cut, leveled walkway built from perfectly square pavers will give you the appearance you want.

You can make your outdoor living space as unique as you want by adding a dry creek bed,  flower beds bordered with river rock, and more.

 Big Bend Landscaping foliage retaining wall

Add trailing plants

 Retaining wall ideas like this one require some patience. Once your retaining wall has been established, plant trailing plants that—over time—will drape across the top of the wall and eventually wander the sides, creating the sensation that you’re walking through an old growth forest.

Big Bend Landscaping retaining wall

Unify different sections of your yard with a retaining wall

Got a yard made up of slopes and flattened areas that look uneven and bare in spots? Retaining walls in the right places can bring the entire yard together, taming those slopes and making it easier to care for.

Big Bend Landscaping retaining wall tree

Use a Retaining Wall: Save a Tree

Not all trees take well to being “walled in,” but those that do, look beautiful behind one and actually benefit from it. Trees that are enclosed by a retaining wall are less likely to be nicked by lawn equipment, and their roots are protected from the elements, receiving more nutrients and water.


We hope you’ve found some retaining wall ideas on this list that appeal to you. We’ll be happy to talk to you about these or any other ideas that you’ve seen and help you decide whether they will fit into your landscaping plans. Give us a call so we can discuss it with you.

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