Do You Need a Seating Wall?

If You Have to Ask, the Answer is Yes!

Big Bend Landscaping seating wall and patio
Big Bend Landscaping seating wall and patio
Big Bend Landscaping seating wall and patio1

 Clients often ask landscaping companies—What do you suggest we add to this project?

At Big Bend Landscaping, our reply is usually—A seating wall.

Of all the paver features we build for customers, seating walls, also known as sitting walls, or just “seat walls” are by far the most versatile and the easiest to customize.

We’ve built a lot of these and no two are the same. Big Bend Landscaping doesn’t believe in generic. We listen to our customers and do our best to personalize everything we build. And because the pavers we use come with so many distinct looks, this is easy to do.

So what is this handy feature? We’re glad you asked! This handy piece of hardscaping is a multi-purpose wall built from interlocking pavers and designed with comfort in mind. It is placed in locations where seating is needed.

Here are just some of the many ways one of these handy features can be customized.

Big Bend Landscaping Belgard seating wall and fire pit

Wrap Your Fire Pit in Coziness

A wrap around sitting wall will turn your glowing fire pit into an invitation to gather and visit, regardless of the outdoor temperatures. The wall itself will create a barrier, keeping the heat close to those sitting near the fire pit. This will make your outdoor living space a great place to spend time on cold days.

There’s really no limit as to how you can apply the wraparound method—you can completely encircle the fire pit, create tiered seating, add back support, or just a simple open, curved bench where you can sit and enjoy your fire pit any time of the year.

Big Bend Landscaping seating wall fire pit DP

Want Weatherproof Comfort-friendly Seating?

A seat wall can be as lavish or as basic as you want. It is a useful addition to any patio area and is great for placing outdoor ornaments or plants when not in use.

Adding a backrest and some weatherproof cushions to your wall turns it into a restful, inviting place to relax and sip something warm or cold, depending on the weather. Convenient, always present seating  encourages conversation during gatherings, cuddling if you’re with your special person, and introspection if you’re alone.

Some backrests are wooden and allow for airflow, some are created with pavers and help to wall in the heat of a fire pit or outdoor fire pit.


Big Bend Landscaping Belgard Outdoor kitchen

Smart Addition to an Outdoor Kitchen

“I sure wish I had less counter space,” said no one ever. In fact, whether we’re cooking in our indoor kitchen or our outdoor kitchen, most of us probably wish for more work space.

A wall added to an outdoor kitchen or placed nearby can serve as extra space to put prepared dishes and party supplies during gatherings. And as a prep-space when you have more help than you do room to work. Just place a cutting board on the top of the wall and you’ve created a place to chop up food. And when you’re done, you clear it all away so guests and family members can sit and chat.

Big Bend Landscaping Belgard fire place and seating wall

Spend More Time with Your Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace

People love a roaring fire and warm hearth. And an outdoor fireplace is a great way to enjoy one without dealing with the associated mess of hauling wood inside, building a fire, and cleaning up the ashes. Want to make sure that outdoor fireplace gets plenty of use? Add a permanent place to sit—close enough to the heat to stay warm but far enough away that you don’t have to worry about flying sparks.


Big Bend Landscaping patio and seating wall

Seating Wall: Practical and Attractive Ways to Create a Border

A seating wall doesn’t just create permanent extra seating, it can double as a garden wall or border between your patio and your lawn. This serves a dual purpose of creating separate spaces for different activities, protects your patio from lawn clippings, and mud during heavy rains.

You can use it as a boundary for your kids too. “Stay on the patio” or “don’t play with that on the patio” is easier to obey when there’s a wall to point to.


Big Bend Landscaping Belgard seating wall and patio and steps

Dual Purpose Wall

Sitting walls can do double-duty as retaining walls too. Retaining walls are useful structures that:

  • Allow the homeowner to iron out steep slopes by holding soil in place and create more usable green space.
  • Manage run-off from the gutters that direct water away from the foundations of a home.
  • Protect paths and driveways from mud-slides.
  • Create raised planters.
  • Keep mud and water away from outdoor living spaces.

Unless the wall is unusually tall, it can also double as a seat wall and as a place to put outdoor decorations and plants.

So Now that You Know the Answer—What’s Next?

If you live in the St. Louis area and are thinking about adding an outdoor living space to your job or perhaps adding a seating wall to an existing outdoor living area, Big Bend Landscaping would love to help! Contact us so we can set up a time to get together.

Big Bend Landscaping builds sitting walls that are made to last for many years to come. And we use only the best products on the market, such as Pavestone, Romanstone, and Belgard products. Each of these companies provides lifetime guarantees for normal use pavers. And they all offer a wide variety of looks that can be mixed, matched, and customized.

We have been building patios, firepits, pathways, retaining walls, and seating walls in the St. Louis area for over 25 years. We have 56 five-star reviews on Google and an A+ rating with the BBB. Our crews have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means we’re experts in our field. Check out our testimonials to see what our customers are saying about us.

Our experts can come to you and help you design an outdoor living space you will never want to leave. We will give you a CAD drawing of the space we discussed and the projected costs. Once we start the job, you will find us to be efficient and clean. And we will never make a change without discussing it with you first.

Big Bend Landscaping knows how to help you make the most of your outdoor living space. When you’re ready to make a change, check out our website for more details and contact us for more information!