Complete Backyard Makeover In One Week

Big Bend Landscaping Retaining Wall Project

This project was driven by a mixture of necessity and the wish to make the property more attractive. The homeowners wanted to level out their yard enough to be able to mow without risking injury and damage to their mower. They also wanted to remove all the ivy that had completely taken over the backyard and replace it with green grass. Big Bend Landscaping was glad to oblige!

We are happy to report that our team was able to complete this project within a week and that includes permits and inspections.

First, we installed a 60 linear foot retaining wall totaling approximately 230 square feet that lifted their sloped backyard up. We then installed sod from existing patio to the newly installed retaining wall.

Second, on the backside of the retaining wall, we installed Iowa Rainbow decorative rock where visible, with 5-10” white Gabion rock under that to prevent future erosion.

And finally, we replaced two slabs of concrete by the home that were settled and buckled. We installed 30” deep piers under each slab to prevent future movement for peace of mind.


(Including Inspections and Permits)