Seven Reasons to Add a Paver Walkway

A paver walkway is a picturesque addition to any landscape. And Big Bend Landscaping builds some of the best in St. Louis! Here are just seven of the many reasons you should consider adding one to your yard and why you should hire Big Bend Landscaping to build it.

Your Paver Walkway Will Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the real estate phrase for “first impressions are everything.” When someone comes to your home for the first time, they will immediately take note of how inviting it is. And when they enter your backyard, the first thing they’ll notice is how comfortable, well laid out, and friendly it seems. Adding a paver walkway to your front yard makes it easy to get to your front door. Adding one to your backyard invites people to explore and admire it.

Big Bend only uses the best pavers on the market. Brands like Romanstone, Belgard, and Pavestone all offer an eye-catching variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. These pavers are sure to get the attention of any visitor.


A paver walkway provides a clean, clear path from one place to another. Visitors don’t have to walk across your grass or detour up your driveway to get to your front door. They avoid the mud and you avoid the aggravating extra clean up.

When it comes to clearing a path in snowy weather, it is much faster to shovel and salt a stone path than your yard.

The textured pavers Big Bend Landscaping uses are not just beautiful, they are easy to maintain. Simply sweeping or spraying your walkway down with a hose will keep it beautiful and inviting.

Increases Safety

Walking across the grass on a wet day can be a slippery experience. Stone walkways are textured and provide firm footing even on wet days. During the winter, a little salt will make them an even better option.

Carrying heavy items such as boxes or even furniture is far safer on a firm surface like a walkway than on the softer, less predictable ground. No surprise holes or dips to trip you up!

Big Bend Landscaping builds solid, well-made walkways using interlocking pavers that will never shift or come loose. So they aren’t just beautiful, they are practical as well. When our clients plan where they want to put their walkway and what materials to use, our specialists provide guidance to help them choose the safest layout.

We also install lighting along your paths upon request. Lighting not only creates a sense of nighttime ambiance, it makes walking around your property even safer. We offer many lighting options, the most popular of which are the low-maintenance solar-powered walkway lights.

Protects Your Landscape

People are naturally inclined to stay on the path. And if you provide an attractive, safe place to walk, they are more likely to choose your walkway, which means less wear and tear on your lawn. And they are more likely to avoid stepping in your flower beds. You won’t have to reseed or resod your lawn as often. And your plants will be healthier and safer.

Big Bend Landscaping offers both landscaping and hardscaping services, so we know how important your yard is to you. We are always mindful of your lawn, trees, and plants. When we lay a paver walkway, we are careful to protect your greenspaces too. And we make sure our paths are a more appealing place to walk than your lawn.

Organized Appearance

A walkway can define different areas of your back yard, creating a sense of order and unity. It can separate your gardens from children’s play areas and set aside your outdoor living space. A well-thought-out design will draw attention to your favorite places. Visitors will feel as though they’ve taken a small journey when they visit your backyard.

Our specialists will help you draw up plans that accentuate the unique features of your property. We can help you create focal points along your walkways and direct visitors toward the entrances you want them to use.

Personalizing Your Yard

In modern neighborhoods where homes often look very similar, individual touches like unique landscaping choices and customized walkways can make your house stand out.

Older homes benefit from new walkways as well. You can refresh the look of your beautiful old house with pavers that accentuate the house’s history or update its appearance, depending on your goals.

Our pavers come in a variety of colors and sizes, and there are a number of patterns available. But they also lend themselves to custom designs as well. Big Bend Landscaping’s specialists can help you create your own individualized look.

Resale Value

Any well-designed, permanent change to your property improves its resale value.  A paver walkway adds beauty, provides a clear path to all the places on your property, and creates a sense of order and security. When you add quality lighting, you improve its nighttime appeal as well.

When you invite Big Bend Landscaping to come to your home and give you a quote, we will always discuss all your options with you. We live on a budget too, and we know how important it is to balance quality and cost. We will never charge you more than we quoted without discussing it with you. That way your walkway will remain cost effective and add to your property’s equity.


When you’re ready to install your walkway, contact Big Bend Landscaping and talk to us about what you want. Our specialists have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. We’ve received training in how to provide you with the highest quality installation of pavers.

We also offer extensive landscaping services, install patios, fire pits, outdoor fire places, and much more! Big Bend Landscaping stands behind all of our work. We offer a five-year warranty that includes labor and materials.

Are you ready to install a walkway? Want to see what else Big Bend Landscaping can do for your yard? Give us a call at (636) 349-2946 or contact us for an online estimate!