Set the Mood With a Fire Pit

A fire pit can add more warmth and drama to your backyard than almost any other element. At Big Bend Landscaping, our design team will work to make your vision a reality.

Depending on the location of your home and the grade of your yard, our design team may make certain recommendations. But first, think about what you really want. Here are some things to consider while you’re dreaming about your perfect outdoor entertaining space.

Where Will Your Fire Pit Be Located?

A large backyard will allow for lots of options. But a fire pit can be also be created to fit into a courtyard or added to a small patio. Do you Outdoor Living Big Bend Landscaping St. Louis Missouri Design and Build Hardscapingsee yourself lingering with friends and neighbors in a small intimate atmosphere, or would you prefer a fully outdoor kitchen and entertaining space for a large family?

Think about the wind. The location of homes around you, as well as any trees or structures will make a difference. If your fire pit is lakeside, the wind blowing off the water can make a difference.

How Will You Use it?

Functionality it key. Whatever you design has to also work for you and the way you live.

Are you envisioning a full outdoor kitchen? If so, you might want to consider a fireplace rather than a fire pit. A fireplace can include a ledge on either side for easier cooking and serving.

A fire pit with a more open design might be a better choice, if your intention leans toward creating an intimate mood in a small area. You can also wrap it with at retaining wall to create additional seating with materials that compliment. Or add a walkway leading to your back door.

Fuel Choices

How you fuel your fire pit is also an important decision. Here are your choices:

  • Wood – Many love the smell of a wood-burning fire. Check with your municipality on possible restrictions.
  • Propane – Easier to manage, but the tanks can be bulky and difficult to transport.
  • Natural Gas – Nothing beats the convenience of flipping a switch.

Complete the mood of your outdoor living space with light and sound.

Enhance your outdoor living space with the right kind of lighting. Soft lighting and the right seating encourages lingering and good Outdoor Living Big Bend Landscaping St. Louis Missouri Design and Build Hardscapingconversation.  An outdoor fire pit or fireplace are also great ways to create mood and lighting in your outdoor living space, especially when the evenings turn cooler.

Illuminated walkways are also important for safety. Let the outdoor lighting experts at Big Bend Landscaping show you how carefully planned, professional lighting can create a dramatic effect and enhance your outdoor living space.

Our team of professionals can build just about anything you can imagine. Click here to see some of our “before and after” shots of previous projects. The options are endless. Contact us today with your questions. It’s never too early to start planning. Your first estimate is free!