Romanstone Pavers Patio

A recent project we did for a St. Louis client included installing beautiful Romanstone pavers. Here’s how it came about.

When someone answers the question “Who builds the best patios in St. Louis?” with “Big Bend Landscaping” we are thrilled! Word of mouth is our bread and butter.

Not long ago, someone came to us at the suggestion of a neighbor who lived down the street from them. They wanted to add a patio to their backyard that complimented both their new deck and their nearby carport.

Creating the perfect outdoor living space that exactly meets our customer’s needs is our favorite part of what we do. We believe there is no such thing as a job that’s too small, too large, or too complicated! So we were happy to help!

The Patio and the Romanstone Century Series

We presented the customer with our plans and made product suggestions. Then they chose the charcoal-colored pavers from the Romanstone Century series, called Ledge Rock.

Romanstone pavers come in a 4-piece system that allows the customer to decide between unique patterned or random designs. The Century series has a cobblestone look, created by tumbling the bricks, which creates a natural look that melds well with its environment. The size ratios are easy to work with and can be mixed and matched based on the preference of the client.

We like Romanstone products for the same reason we like Pavestone, BP, and Belgard. They are earth-friendly, meaning they are porous and allow for water run-off. They also have extreme longevity and will look great for many years after installed. Age only accentuates their beauty.

The client also picked a slate 6” x 9” Sailor Course border. This means that the patio will be framed by a border made up of 6”x 9” inch slate bricks laid end to end.

As always, we excavated the area, added compressed rock and a layer of sand, and installed pavers and border. After sprinkling sand across the surface and a few passes with a plate compressor, we had finished a patio the client can be proud of.

The Result

When we finished, our client had a 305 square foot patio that nicely complimented their deck and carport. It’s a nice outdoor living space for holding barbecues or enjoying a quiet summer evening.


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