Outdoor Lighting by Big Bend Landscaping

There are many benefits when you add outdoor lights by Big Bend Landscaping to your property. We encourage our clients to add lighting to all their outdoor living spaces, walkways, and retaining walls. Let’s talk about a few of the benefits: functionality, safety, security, visual appeal, and property value.

Outdoor Lighting Adds Functionality

To put it simply, your yard is more usable in the dark if you illuminate it. Cookouts, swimming in your pool, nighttime frisbee games, and just hanging out on your patio are all a lot more fun when everyone can see where they’re going. And the right lighting in the right places (such as around fire pits and walls) not only creates ambiance, it makes it all feel accessible.

Big Bend Landscaping installs low-profile cap lighting that won’t interfere with your after-dark enjoyment of your yard. Instead, the combination of darkness and soft lighting sets the mood for the perfect outdoor gathering.

Safety and Light

Accidental injuries at home are the leading cause of trips to the hospital. Falling down in the dark is no fun and can result in runs to the emergency room or worse. Whether it’s a crack between pavers or a garden hose or outdoor toy, the results can be painful and sometimes dangerous. So outdoor lights can prevent many such accidents.

Carefully placed lights make things like night swimming or using your hot tub safer too. Combining seating walls and paths with lights in the vicinity of your pool and hot tub ensures that swimmers are less likely to slip.

Illuminating spaces such as steps, walkways, decks, yard, and driveway will go a long way toward eliminating accidents. And you can combine both active lighting (motion sensitive) and passive lighting (lights that are on all the time) if you don’t want to light your entire yard all the time. Motion-sensitive lights also have the added benefits of offering security as well.

When you ask Big Bend Landscaping to come out to your home to install outdoor living space, retaining walls, or paths, don’t forget to talk to us about lighting. Your guests want to see the stars, but they don’t want to trip going up or down your steps. With cap lighting on your steps, seating walls, and paver walkways, you’ve got that covered.

More Light Means More Security

Outdoor lighting is an often-overlooked feature when people are considering the best ways to secure their homes. But besides being attractive, a well-lit landscape is a great deterrent to would-be intruders.

When burglars case homes they think might be good targets, one of the things they take note of is how secure the home is. Are there security cameras? Is there a keypad that shows an alarm system? Is there outdoor lighting? And is it motion-sensitive? The more visual warning you provide potential intruders with, the more likely they are to move on to another home.

Asking Big Bend Landscaping to install simple cap lighting can go a long way all by itself toward making your home look like less of a target.

Visual Appeal

This is one of Big Bend Landscaping’s areas of expertise. We’ve found that well-placed lighting only makes new hardscape projects more beautiful.

When properly installed, outdoor lights can stress the beauty of your home and make it more inviting to guests. Create focal points with low-profile lighting around your patio, retaining walls, and trees in your landscape. Your new rose garden and all the paved walkways you’ve added to your landscape can be even more attractive by nighttime lighting. The right lights in the right places accentuate texture and colors not noticed by daylight. And the simple addition of soft lighting to somewhat bland sections of your yard make them more noticeable and attractive.

Value for Your Dollar

Big Bend Landscaping installs modern, low-voltage lights that use a minimal amount of electricity. This makes outdoor lighting an investment with an even greater return. When you install outdoor lights in the right places, you increase your home’s curb appeal. In turn, this increases your home’s appraisal value.

Buyers like to move into homes with much of the work already done. Your realtor can present it as a big plus and show nighttime shots of your well-lit yard and outdoor entertainment area. This is sure to attract the attention of buyers. Your favorite outdoor living space will look warmer and more inviting. And it can help in the less used areas as well–drawing attention to trees and shrubs.

Home insurance companies will know that your visitors are less likely to get hurt in well-lit areas which means a reduction in claims against your policy. And some insurance companies offer insurance credits for professionally installed outdoor lighting, especially if paired with a security system.


Adding lighting to your outdoor living space and hardscaping projects offers a lot of benefits. It doesn’t just add after-dark beauty to your home, it also offers other benefits such as safety and increases the value of your home. Big Bend Landscaping will happily talk to you about all the benefits when we come out to give you a quote on any work we do for you.

Big Bend Landscaping has a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. We’ve taken the time to ensure that we are using the most up-to-date methods and materials available on the market. Our crews are always on time or early and you can expect them to be professional at all times. And we pride ourselves in never leaving messes behind on our jobsites.

We guarantee all our work; this includes parts and labor. If for any reason you have a problem with any work we’ve done, contact us. We will make your satisfaction our priority.

Do you live in the St. Louis area and want to know more about how we can help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams? Check out our product pages and the work we’ve done for other happy customers. And give us a call at (636) 349-2946 or contact us for an online estimate!