Designing Your Beautiful Paver Patio

Ready to design your paver patio? Create the patio of your dreams with the help of experts at Big Bend Landscaping. There are many components to a designing patio that is both functional and beautiful. Think about what you enjoy doing or what you picture yourself doing, then consider these ideas.

Your Vision

When someone mentions the word “backyard patio,” what do you picture? Kids playing in the pool while you grill on an outdoor fireplace? Maybe you see yourself sitting around a fire pit with family talking about life or just enjoying the quiet. Or maybe you imagine preparing a feast in your large, outdoor kitchen.

If you’re like many people, you’re staying home more than you ever have. And you’re probably thinking about upgrading the places you’re spending the most time in. Now is the perfect time to add your backyard to that list. And Big Bend Landscaping can help. Below are a few of the ways we can help you turn your backyard patio into a space you and your family want to spend time in.

Paver Patio

Your patio is central to your outdoor entertainment area. Picking a color and design that you love and that compliments your home and allows for other backyard activities is important.

Big Bend Landscaping makes this easy. We work with you to design the paver patio of your dreams. Our design team draws up plans with you and helps you envision how it will all look.

We love green installations, using earth-friendly porous pavers that interlock. These pavers handle water run-off like champs. And since we place them on an aggregate rock base, you never have to worry about water damage or flooding in the area around your patio or home.

Big Bend uses only the highest quality pavers, such as Belgard, Pavestone, and Romanstone. You aren’t tied into using just one size paver either. These stones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. So you can choose one of the recommended patterns or come up with your own.

Fire pit

Stone fire pits are a popular feature in backyards these days. They provide the same ambiance that indoor fireplaces do without all the inconveniences. With an outdoor fire pit, you don’t have to hire someone to clean the chimney every fall. And all the ashes and wood stay outside. It’s a great place to gather with family and friends on cool fall evenings. And it can extend the use of your yard into the chillier months of the year.

We have many options available based on appearance, the type of fuel you want to burn, and how you picture yourself using it. Some people use their fire pits for small, intimate gatherings, others for large parties. So you might want a small, cozy fire pit just large enough for four or five people to sit around, or a large one that allows for ten or more.

Outdoor Kitchen

Big Bend Landscaping offers many options for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.

There’s nothing quite like grilling and eating food in your own backyard. Imagine cooking a full meal on your outdoor gas grill with enough counter space to place dishes, prepare drinks, and cut up food. Or maybe you picture an eye-catching stone fireplace with all the ambiance of a fire pit, but with the added feature of being able to cook on it!

An outdoor kitchen offers a space where clean-up is easy and setting up for a BBQ is a breeze. You can visit with your guests, monitor your kids, and cook—all at the same time. And when you’re done, cleanup is a breeze. No vacuuming or mopping necessary! You’ll be free to join your guests on the patio and watch the sun go down or talk by the glow of the fireplace or fire pit.

Seating wall

When you design your paver patio, consider adding extra seating. Seating walls are a favorite multi-use addition to the modern outdoor entertainment area. Sometimes they are wrapped around fire pits or just offer additional places to sit near an outdoor kitchen. When not in used as seating, they are excellent places to put plants and other lawn decorations.

In a yard with a sharp slope, they can also double as a retaining wall, both leveling the yard, redirecting drainage away from the patio and home, and improving the amount of usable green space.

For seating and retaining walls, Big Bend Landscaping uses a variety of high-quality, interlocking wall pavers that nicely tie together the patio and home. Like the patio pavers, we use only the best—Belgard, Romanstone, and Pavestone.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential to the enjoyment of your backyard beyond daylight hours. Big Bend Landscaping installs a wide variety of outdoor lights. Here are just a few of many choices:

  • Motion sensitive security lights installed in the darkest area of your yard can let you know when there’s an intruder and are energy efficient .
  • Pathway lighting: Placing caplights on your walkways and steps is not only beautiful, it can prevent spills. We regularly install solar-powered LEDs and our clients love how they look.
  • Spot lighting various features of your yard such as favorite ornaments or flags and is a beautiful addition to any yard.

We often combine lighting with our patios and hardscape pathway installations, but also offer outdoor lighting as a separate service.


When you’re ready to design your paver patio, call us. Big Bend Landscaping does standout work and our reputation speaks for itself! We’ve been serving the St. Louis area for over twenty-five years. Our customers return to us for additional work and refer friends and family to us for a reason.

We have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. This means we’ve demonstrated that we understand how best to provide you with the highest quality paver installations. And just to be sure you’re secure with our work, we offer a one-year warranty on everything we do, including materials and labor.

Big Bend Landscaping is all about giving you a yard you will love and enjoy. We offer other services too: landscaping, drain systems, driveway paver installations, fence installations, and more! Take a look around our website for examples of our work. You’ll see the before and after pictures of many of our projects.

Are you ready for that outdoor living space you’ve always wanted? Combine your vision for your home with Big Bend Landscaping’s know-how! Give us a call at (636) 349-2946 or contact us for an online estimate!