Small Backyard Patio Ideas That Will Transform Your Outdoor Space

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It’s all about perspective. If you’ve looked at blogs, ads, and magazines with pictures of large outdoor living spaces, then looked out at your much smaller backyard and despaired that you’ll never have a space like that, we have good news. The truth is—your smaller backyard has advantages that larger yards don’t. It is actually easier to create the space you want. Big Bend Landscaping has some great small backyard patio ideas that will transform yours into your favorite place to spend time with your family and friends. Let’s take a look at some of those ideas.

Small Backyard Patio Ideas: Think Intimate—not small

There’s a saying that goes “dynamite comes in small packages,” and though it usually refers to short women and how dangerous it is to underestimate them, it applies to small outdoor living spaces too. It will be a breeze for you to create an atmosphere of intimacy; a welcoming retreat from the challenges that life brings.

Your patio will be central to everything you do, so the size and shape, type of pavers, and what you fill it with matters. And so will the plants and trees you surround it with. With less room, you’ll have to choose your features carefully because there will be less room for waste. Good thing there are lots of choices available!

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Focus on Color and Design: What do you want to say?

Landscaping designers often rely on the rule of thirds when designing a green space. This is really less about the math than it is the proportion of each section or landscaping feature as related to the rest of the yard. If you want to have flowerbeds, a lawn, a patio and/or deck, you have to ask yourself about how important each one is to you.

Decide early how you want to use your outdoor living space.

How much entertaining do you do? Be truthful with yourself. Chances are, if you’re an introvert who likes small gatherings at best—or not at all—you aren’t suddenly going to become someone who loves parties just because you have a larger outdoor living space. Will you use it a lot in the evenings? Or are you more likely to head outside in the morning with a cup of coffee? Both?

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Do you prefer a rustic look? A cool, modern appearance?

The pavers you use will shape the atmosphere you’re aiming for. If you want a rustic look, you might choose rough-looking stones. And if you want a modern look, you might choose smooth, finished-looking pavers. There are lots of other looks too!

Big Bend Landscaping relies on pavers by companies like Belgard, Pavestone, and Romanstone as suppliers because they all offer a wide variety of pavers that can be mixed and matched until you get the look you want. And they come with lifetime guarantees. So, if one cracks under normal use, they will replace it at no cost to the customer.

Big Bend Landscaping doesn’t do generic—your patio won’t look like anyone else’s because you aren’t like anyone else. When we meet with you to listen to you talk about your small backyard patio ideas, we won’t bring you pictures of someone else’s yard unless you ask for it. But if you’re looking for inspiration, feel free to look through our site for ideas.

What shape do you want it to be?

In a small backyard, it’s especially important for your patio to feel like it belongs there. Round or oval patios are a popular choice because nature doesn’t work in straight lines and it will flow into the landscape instead of standing apart from it. But with the right pavers, any shape that appeals to you will work.

What size?

Patios don’t have to be huge to be useful. Ask yourself exactly what you need it for and you’ll find that it boils down to “a comfortable place to sit.” Maybe you’ll grill there. Or maybe a fire pit is more your speed. But it really does come down to using it as a place to relax. A patio that overwhelms your green space may not be what you want.

Retaining walls and fire pits

When designing a small space, using different landscaping features and changing up the levels can add depth and interest to your outdoor living space. You can combine a patio with a wooden deck, and retaining walls can double as seating walls or raised beds. A fire pit can provide a nice focal point—encouraging people to gather, sit, and talk. And it can do double-duty as a grill too!

Treat Your Fence Like You Do Your Walls

When you’re making a list of all your small backyard patio ideas, don’t neglect the fence. It encloses your patio like walls do a room inside your home. And in a smaller space, this will impact how your whole yard looks. So just like wall treatments, fence treatment matters. Privacy fencing can be painted or stained and can be made of a number of mediums. You’ll want the fencing you choose to reflect the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Plants and Trees for the win!

Studies have proven that being surrounded by healthy plants and trees is good for your mental health. They absorb carbon dioxide and air pollution and release oxygen back into the air. In the summer, the trees provide shade. And in the fall, they give us leaves to play in. Over time, we grow attached to them without even realizing it.

The plants and trees you choose to fill your yard with will set the tone for everything else. And the amount of care they require will matter too. If you’re into plant care, then it will be less of a problem for you. But if you aren’t, then you’ll need to select low maintenance plants or hire a landscaping company to come in and take care of it for you.

You’ll also have to take your available space into consideration as well—both for the sake of the trees and plants and the look you want for your yard. Here are some suggestions for trees here. And plants here. And a healthy selection of native plants here.

Big Bend Landscaping can point you toward a number of local nurseries and gardening centers. When we come out to talk to you about your plans for your yard, just ask.

Outdoor lighting

Don’t overlook the impact of good outdoor lighting when you’re adding to your list of small backyard patio ideas. The right lighting creates ambiance, allows you to extend your outdoor time, and provides security. There are a lot of options too—including cap lighting that can be added to outdoor features like seating walls, raised flower beds, steps, and even walkways.

Big Bend Landscaping also installs lighting as a part of larger landscaping projects. We’re happy to add it to our list of things we do for a client.

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Big Bend Landscaping is always delighted to help homeowners with creating their outdoor living space. And we love the challenge of working with oddly shaped and small backyards. When you’re ready to share your small backyard patio ideas, give us a call. We serve Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Glendale, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, and Fenton.

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