Patio and Walkway Installation Ideas For Your Home

Big Bend landscaping- the benefits of adding lighting
For over twenty-five years, the designers and builders with Big Bend Landscaping have had the pleasure of working with St Louis area homeowners to create beautiful outdoor features that reflect their tastes and meet their needs. And after doing this job for this long, we can safely say that we’ve never built a single “cookie cutter” outdoor living area, patio, or walkway. This job is as much art as it is skilled labor. Especially when it comes to patio and walkway installation.

Your outdoor areas should reflect who you are, your lifestyle, interests, and the needs of you and your family. There are only two wrong things you can do when choosing what you want. 1) Letting someone talk you out of your vision because it’s unusual and 2) Not calling Big Bend Landscaping to help you realize your vision.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are some unique patio and walkway installation ideas.

Big Bend Landscaping outdoor patio st. louis
Big Bend landscaping- the benefits of adding lighting
Big Bend landscaping- the benefits of adding lighting

Go down the garden path

This idea works best in a larger, mixed landscape.

If you are fortunate enough to have a medium or large yard (even better with a few trees), a paver walkway that traverses the length and width of your yard can be a nice touch, especially if you enjoy flower gardening. It can help mark out different sections of your yard, creating a sense of boundaries between different points of interest. Or it can be a nice meandering escape from the stresses of life. And the best part of it is that it’s right in your backyard!

While patios are generally associated with being directly outside the house, some people enjoy having a patio or complete outdoor living space with a pavilion away from the house as an escape where they can put up their feet and look at the stars. And combining it with a walkway just adds to the atmosphere.

When you’re ready to talk about your patio and walkway installation, Big Bend Landscaping can help you draw up plans that will reflect your vision.

Travel back in time

This works in any size yard. Prefer a yard with a rustic look? Maybe you want a retreat that looks and feels like an English garden? Have a cabin you use as a vacation home or even a full-time home? This look compliments all the above.

A fire pit or fireplace is a perfect addition to any outdoor space, but it looks especially nice in a rustic setting, harkening back to simpler times. Fire pits are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. And you can choose the type of fuel—natural gas, propane, or wood—that meets your needs. What’s more, they are great for cookouts and in an emergency if your power is out.

Also consider designating your outdoor area as a tech-free space—no cellphones or computers. Just you, the outdoors and your beautiful landscape. You might not be able to get away from home, but you can sure get away from the outside world. Studies have shown that putting down electronics for just a few hours a day can make a big difference in people’s mental health.

When you’re thinking about pavers for your patio, walkway, and retaining walls, you’ll want them to match the mood you’re trying to create. Big Bend Landscaping is a certified Unilock contractor. We also work with companies like Pavestone and Romanstone that offer quality products and lifetime guarantees. These companies offer a huge selection of pavers, including pavers designed to look like rough-cut bricks and stones.

Big Bend Landscaping Patios best fire pit and backyard oasis installation in the St. Louis area

Make your patio an oasis

Perfect for a small backyard: Regardless of your paver preference, you can make your outdoor living space an oasis—surround it and fill it with all your favorite outdoor things—a nice pavilion with LED lights, a small fire pit or outdoor kitchen, comfortable outdoor furniture, and attractive trees and flowers. Add a matching walkway that winds from your door to your patio or from the front of your house to the back, and you’ve created an invitation to come in and relax.

In a setting like this, a seating wall is a great addition. It adds to the cozy atmosphere and simplifies seating options without the need for filling your patio with more furniture. A patio enclosed with a seating wall just feels more inviting. And apart from being great extra seating, it gives you a raised surface to put outdoor ornaments and flowerpots on.

We can’t have an in-depth conversation about patio and walkway installation without at least touching on fencing. Not only does your fence provide you with security and keep your pets and children safe, it allows you to enjoy your yard without feeling self-conscious. You deserve your privacy and the right fence can provide you with that. Big Bend Landscaping builds beautiful fences that meet the needs of all kinds of homeowners with yards of all sizes and shapes.
follow the yellow brick road
No two people are the same; all of us are unique! And our homes should reflect who we are both inside and out. Do you have a unique vision for your outdoor living space or walkway? One that you can’t find on any paver site or from looking through our gallery? Have you seen different types of pavers that you think would look great together?

No problem! The team from Big Bend Landscaping loves helping people realize their unique visions for their home and yard. Tell us what you want, show us the pavers you like, and we’ll work with you to design something you can be proud of and enjoy.

Big Bend Landscaping outdoor patio st. louis
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Big Bend landscaping- the benefits of adding lighting

Islands in the sun and shade

This idea works best in larger yards. You can use your patio and walkways to create “islands” in your yard. This layout allows you to create different spaces for entertainment, such as an outdoor kitchen under a pavilion, a fire pit or fireplace area with seating walls, and a space for tables and chairs for eating and lounging. And using retaining walls or raised beds as borders adds to the feeling that you are entering a unique space. You can even create a play area for children. The sky’s the limit.

Ready to talk to us about Patio and walkway installation?

These are just a few of the many ways you can make your outdoor space your own. There are many more. Just ask us!

Patio and walkway installation are a huge part of what we do, so we’re good at it. Big Bend Landscaping can help you create something special that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Just give us a call. We will be happy to talk to you about it! We serve Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Glendale, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Des Peres, and Fenton.

Our company has more than 60 five-star reviews on Google and an A+ rating with the BBB. We are experts in our field and we make sure our crews are too! Our crews have a Level 1 Certification from the National Concrete and Masonry Association. Check out our testimonials to see what our customers want you to know.

When we come out to visit with you, we will ask you questions and provide a CAD drawing to ensure that our vision matches yours. We do not do generic! Your outdoor living space, walkways, and driveway project won’t look anything like anyone else’s. From the time you say yes, we handle everything—from permits to subcontractors, if needed, all you have to do is sit back and watch. Our crews are on time—every-time—and you can count on quality workmanship. We only use the best materials from companies that offer lifetime guarantees.

Big Bend Landscaping knows how to help you make the most of your home and yard. When you’re ready to talk about your patio, walkway, or any other outdoor feature, check out our website for more details and contact us for more information!