Big Bend Landscaping



We specialize in the installation of hardscape & bulk materials. When it comes to the delivery and installation of large amounts of rock, mulch and stone, we are the company to serve you. Hardscape products serve a large variety of purposes from purely aesthetic to structural. Hardscaping options such as decorative rock and boulders as well as mulch can bring much needed color and contrast to your property. Let our experts help you choose from a variety of rock and mulch types. Hardscaping can also include decorative rock installed in beds to provide a low maintenance and beautiful look. We can install a variety of mulch based on your tastes and the types of plants you have. Mulch helps create a much more nutrient dense soil by helping to retain water, which in turn helps for a stronger plant and tree. 

Often times with hardscaping, rock can be installed as a creek bed to help with irrigation control in wet areas. Let us give the  perpetually wet areas on your property a natural look with a functional purpose. Are you tired of walking through dirt, mud and mulch to get to areas of your yard or bed space? We can install a variety of flagstone and limestone walkways. This is a great way to break up unused space in bed and yards and help give them a functional use, as well as help to keep your shoes clean!

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  • Decorative Rock
  • Decorative & Structural Boulders
  • River Rock
  • Creek Beds
  • Flagtone or Limestone Walkways
  • Mulch

Decorative rock is a low maintenance option for many beds and flag stones can add a natural look to any walkway or patio. Boulders are also a “natural” option for any retaining wall or hillside.

Feel free to look through Kirkwood Material Supply’s website as well to browse a wide variety of some of the materials that we can install for your project.