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Drainage Solutions

Is the space you've allotted for gardening overly saturated with water? Worse yet, is excessive moisture threatening the integrity of your house foundation? We can help improve yard's drainage.

Poor drainage can lead to property damage and unusable land. Our drainage experts can help find a solution to drain the water away; for instance, by using French drains.

French Drain installation

From the Palace of Versailles to the Cote d’Azur, France is known for its beautiful gardens. Regardless of where French drains may have originated, they are an ideal drainage solution for homeowners from Paris to St. Louis. A typical French drain system is made up of perforated drainpipes that are covered in the landscaping material a homeowner chooses. Protected by this outer layer of covering, French drains are not susceptible to damage caused by soil and roots. Another feature of the French drain that makes it amenable to many homeowners is the option a homeowner has to cover the pipe’s covering with grass, gravel, or mulch.

Channel Drains

A popular option for homeowners looking for an underground drainage solution, channel drains can be easily integrated into any home pipe system. If you have a pool in your yard, then a channel drain may be a good option, as it can help prevent problems associated with pool water overflow.

Dry Creek Bed installation

If there is only one section of your yard that is consistently afflicted by flooding, then you may be able to avoid installing a comprehensive drainage system by digging a small channel and filling it in with stones or gravel. This will improve water absorption in the area, and it will provide your family with a temporary creek to admire in your backyard after heavy rains.

Corrective Grading

Many St. Louis lawns are inordinately flat. Have a landscaper grade your lawn so that it has a slope of one or two percent and you can avoid most problems associated with poor drainage. Once your lawn has been correctly graded, rainwater and other drainage will naturally flow away from your garden. Feel free to contact us for an online estimate right now.

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